The USC Center for Economic Development (CED) serves as a leader in facilitating sustainable economic development opportunities throughout Southern and Central California. A research center of the USC Price School of Public Policy, CED partners with community-based organizations, public agencies, and private entities to enhance their functional capacity by tapping the energy, enthusiasm, and talent of the school’s faculty, staff, and students.

CED's geographic focus: Southern and Central California

CED’s geographic focus: Southern and Central California

CED’s mission is threefold:

  • Provide technical assistance to economically distressed communities in the 21-county Southern and Central California region (including Clark County, Nevada)
  • Offer clinical experience to graduate students
  • Prepare students for future professional opportunities

To achieve this mission, CED focuses on clinical training, technical assistance and community outreach, and applied research.

Please visit the Projects and Services pages for additional information on CED’s capabilities. Also, check out our News page for updates on current activities at the Center and Media Archive for videos of recent CED events and projects.